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Nick and Julz Heaney

Nick & Julz Heaney

Wakeboarding is the fastest growing watersport on the planet. Ask anyone involved, who the personalities are, invariably the answer will be Nick & Julz, the Heaney Brothers. The two Brothers from Newcastle, England have dominated the Pro Wakeboard scene for a number of years. They made their debuts on the European Wakeboard Tour immediately tasting success, Nick winning the gold and Julz taking the bronze.

Since that first Tour season the Boyz have consistently dominated the European tour, World Cup and US Tour continuing their ‘Top 10’ success as wakeboard champions.

Nick & Julz also offer Southern California's premier wakeboard instruction at the Wake Experience. Take the perfect vacation to the West Coast where you can wakeboard, surf, snowboard and experience LA all on the same trip!

Whether you're a beginner, seasoned rider or just dig the lifestyle come wakeboard and surf in Los Angeles, CA with Wake Experience "Southern California's Premier Wakeboard School". Receive personal instruction with Team Mastercraft and Red Bull Pro wakeboard brothers, Nick and Julz Heaney (former Top 10 in the world) now based in Los Angeles. We offer private wakeboard lessons behind our Mastercraft X-star at one of the countries best riding spots, the site of the X-Games. Plan your day the way you wish. Learn to surf only minutes away at some of California's best surfing beaches, go wakeboarding, cruise Hollywood Boulevard or do it all, the choice is yours. Snowboarding and Skiing are also available during certain times of the year about an hour away.

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