Everyday, thousands of new gamblers register themselves with their online casinos and begin their gambling journeys. Some of them fail, and they begin thinking that online gambling is a sham and online games can be rigged. This isn't true at all; there are sites such as https://www.online-casino-1.com that are known for trust, transparency and fairness.

How are online games trustworthy?

Every online casino runs its games with Random Number Generators. These are complex computer programs that throw out random sequences of numbers and symbols when you spin a slot or when a Roulette wheel is spun into motion. The outcomes are totally random and machine generated. There is no way these machines can be manipulated.

Random Number Generators of online casinos are frequently checked by third party operators such as eCogra for trust and fairness. Not just that, these virtual machines are also checked by gambling regulators such as the U.K. Gambling Commission. Look out for the eCogra logo on your casino's homepage. This means your gambling website is fair.

  • Never trust online casinos that promise you money
  • Always lay bets on private Wi-fi

Return to Player percentages

Many newbies are often unaware about RTPs and their meanings. Return to Player percentage describes the slots attractiveness and is expressed in percentage. A lot may have an RTP of 98% and this means that it can return its players' investments 98% of the times. Every licensed online casino tells its slots' RTPs.

It needs to be mentioned here that there is no guarantee that high RTP slots will necessarily make you rich. Winning also depends upon the right strategy, luck, and the game's volatility. Some slots are highly volatile, these can make you rich or poor very quickly. On the other end of the spectrum are the low volatile slots.

Online casinos and licences

All licenced casinos are fair and transparent. Getting a licence is very difficult, and online casinos have to pass many tests in order to be certified. A licenced casino means its games are fair, they have not been rigged and those games have achieved high quality standards. Always look out for licences while selecting your casinos.

Those online casinos that rig their games or manipulate them can get their licences revoked. There have been so many cases where delinquent casinos have been banned and their licences revoked by gambling regulators. If you still think your casino rigs its games, you may write to your gambling regulator detailing your experience.

  • Avoid registering on unlicensed casinos
  • Read everything that you can regarding your online games

Imperfect and incomplete information

Many times, players feel they are being scammed because they don't have the complete information. Let's look at online slots for instance. If you are playing them for the first time, look out for those games that have extra symbols such as Wild and Scatters. These can take your game to the next level.

Wilds can increase your winnings chances; these are symbols that can substitute for the missing ones in winning combinations. Scatters help players receive free spins and bonus rounds. How do you know whether your game has these symbols? Simply check your paytable. All the good online casinos have pay tables for you to consult.

  • Check online reviews about casinos' credibility
  • Avoid playing for money on newly released games

The odds are stacked against you

All said and done, let's accept this simple fact; every time you place a wager, the odds are stacked against you. Some of these odds are high and others are low but the games are designed to help the house . The trick is to find the game with the right house edge.

This insight can come only with years of practice and experience. Some games such as Roulette have varying odds, so you can try out those and maximize your winnings. Lately, online slots have become more player friendly. Some slots have hybrid RTPs, meaning you can choose the RTP of your liking on that slot.